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Welcome To The Halcyone

The Halcyone is a new literary review published quarterly by the Black Mountain Press in Western North Carolina. We strive to publish the best poetry, short stories and art being produced world wide, each issue. Please submit your art, poetry and short stories via submittable.

The name for The Halcyone comes from Greek myths. It seems that Halcyone was the daughter of Aeolus, god of the winds. Halcyone and her husband, Ceyx, a king in their land, put themselves equal to the gods by taking the names Zeus and Hera. In anger, the gods turn them into birds. In another legend, Ceyx sails across the sea to consult an oracle in hopes of finding out the truth. Halcyone, fearing the dangers of such a voyage, begs him not to go. Ceyx, not to be dissuaded, sails out and, drowns in a storm. Morpheus, the god of sleep and dreams, comes to Halcyone in a dream and tells her of her husband's death. When Halcyone sees his body washed up on shore, the gods transform both of them into kingfishers. Every winter Aeolus sends calming winds for a short period of time so that Halcyone can hatch her eggs in peace and tranquility. From this myth comes the expression "halcyon days," meaning a time of peace and joy. We believe writers can find much that will interest our editors: peace, calming the seas, tranquiiity, war, love, and other themes.

Poetry, Short Stories or Art: Send up to three of your best poems, one of your short stories, or one illustration or art work, that relate to the theme of The Halcyone. The Halcyone is published quarterly in Feb., May, August, and November.

Contest- The Sixty Four: Submit up to 3 poems, or one short story for consideration in our bi-annual publication, The Sixty Four, that includes the best 64 poets of 2018, published by the Black Mountain Press.


The Halcyone is published four times a year and the annual subscription is only $12! It is published at the Flood Fine Art Center, by the Black Mountain press.